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Bleach Yurithon

where the girls come to play

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Welcome to Bleach Yurithon, the only community created as a ficathon for all things Bleach and yuri. Your mod is annwyd. This community was inspired by naruto_yurithon.

1. Be as accurate as you possibly can when signing up. It's hard to write or draw for someone who gives misleading information.
2. Make sure you complete signups and fanworks in accordance with the dates listed below. If there are any problems, contact me and we'll try to work them out.
3. You must write or draw yuri/shoujo-ai: female/female pairings. Female/female/male threesomes are also acceptable. The actual content and rating of your submission is up to you.
4. Both fanart and fanfiction are allowed.
5. Do your best to write or draw the request you've been assigned. If you have serious trouble with it, contact me and we'll try to work something out.
6. Fanfiction submissions must be at least 500 words long. There is no upper limit. Art submissions must be a finished product of some sort, be it a pencil sketch or a full CG piece.

Signups begin Sunday, September 24th.
Signups end Wednesday, October 18th.
Assignments are emailed out Friday, October 20th.
Submissions begin Friday, October 27th.
Submissions end Thursday, November 30th.

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