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Sorry for the delay - Bleach Yurithon [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Sorry for the delay [Dec. 12th, 2006|02:49 pm]
Bleach Yurithon


[mood |accomplished]
[music |Queer by Garbage]

Here's the assignment:

Pairings: Yoruichi/Soi Fong, Matsumoto/Orihime, Isane/Nanao, Tatsuki/Soi Fong
Up to three things you want: First time or establish-y stuff. At least some kind of physical contact, be it an innocent kiss or hard-core smut. Breastplay is A+.
Up to three things you don't want: non-con, excessive angst, guilt
Preferred ratings: PG & up


When I received this challenge the thought of Tatsuki/Soi Fong struck me as really strange. Then it started to tickle my fancy, after which plot bunnies beware! Those two are my favourite characters from the series (totally underrepresented) and if you think about it they have a lot in common. But being the rabid YoruSoi TatsuHime shipper that I am I couldn’t really dive into the smut. Also to my knowledge the two have never met in cannon so I really had to start at the beginning didn’t I? (I’m making excuses for the length now…)

I’m thinking how can I put together two characters that are both in love with other women, have an age gap from hell, are both really prickly people and who live in different dimensions? The only thing that comes to mind is aliens made them do it.

You can breath again. I thought of something else

Title: The Coldest of the Cool / The Lamest of the Lame
Author: liquidsanity
Requested by: prpl_pen
Rating: PG
Pairing: Tatsuki/Soi Fong
A/N: The title is a lyric from Queer by Garbage. Thanks to bebopsamurai for help with the beta during exam time.

Part 1: A chance encounter
Part 2: Shiny things
Part 3: Buttons

Anternate scene. WARNING NC17.
A/N: You do not have to read this if you don't want to. One small difference in the nerve plexus scene leads things down a much more violent path. It really doesn't take much to spark a confrontation between two such volatile women. Tell me if you think it's in character or pure crack.

Boiling Point

[User Picture]From: bebopsamurai
2006-12-12 05:44 pm (UTC)
Once again, good job! I'm just sorry that I couldn't be more help-- I really was pretty busy... DX
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[User Picture]From: liquidsanity
2006-12-13 10:38 am (UTC)
No, it's perfectly fine :)

It really is that time of year. Thanks for the help you gave
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