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Bleach Yurithon

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[SUBMISSION] Unless You Plan On Using It [Dec. 3rd, 2006|03:01 am]
Bleach Yurithon

[mood |accomplished]

Pairings: Mashiro/Hiyori, Soi Fong/Momo, Lisa/Hiyori, Hiyori/Momo (would very much love Hiyori-centric pairings ♥ but nonetheless, happy with anything!)
Up to three things you want: unresolved sexual tension (smut, please), developing romance and angst
Up to three things you don't want: not too much fluff
Preferred ratings: Whatever you would like~

Title: Unless You Plan On Using It
Pairing: Mashiro/Hiyori, vaguely implied Lisa/Mashiro
Word Count: 1,147
Rating: R for semi-sexual situations and language
Summary: Mashiro knows something Hiyori doesn't know. Written for shyunpo.

( she was everything a girl should be, and hiyori and mashiro knew it. )

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Extension [Nov. 23rd, 2006|05:07 am]
Bleach Yurithon


Due to Thanksgiving taking up people's time, as well as my hearing of some participants having computer troubles, I'm extending the deadline to the midnight following Thursday, December 7th--that's just over two weeks from now. Please have your fanfiction or fanart submission to this community finished by then!

For the record, these are the people who have completed their assignment so far:

If anyone would like banners declaring their participation in bleach_yurithon, let me know and I'll whip something up.
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someone did order angst. [Nov. 20th, 2006|05:13 pm]
Bleach Yurithon

[mood |blankblank]
[music |the killers - believe me natalie]

This was the request:

Pairings: Mainly YoruSoi, but I'd love to see UnoIsa and/or TatsuHime.
Up to three things you want: During- or post- series, angst, and/or fluff.
Up to three things you don't want: non-con...that...seems about it.
Preferred ratings: Doesn't matter~

Now, I'm sorry, kiyuu, but what came out for this is seriously weird, and I wouldn't be surprised if it refuses to make sense at first reading. It's Yorusoi, it's... angsty, I guess, but it's rather... unconnected, you might say. There isn't even sex, really!

Hope you get something out of it.

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Fic: Orihime/Tatsuki, "Outside a fairytale" [Nov. 17th, 2006|04:19 pm]
Bleach Yurithon

Request info
Pairings: Chizuru/Hime, Tatsuki/Hime, Tatsuki/Chizuru, Tatsuki/Orihime/Chizuru. No preference among these, really.
Up to three things you want: angsty fluff, CHAD CAMEOS, friendship!fic
Up to three things you don't want: smut, au, incest
Preferred ratings: Nothing past PG-13.

Title: Outside a fairytale
Author: flo_nelja
Fandom: Bleach
Pairing/Characters: Tatsuki/Orihime
Rating: PG, maybe PG-13 because of Chizuru's dirty mind...
A/N: Lots of thanks to hidden_gems and penguin_sensei for the beta ! English is not my first language, there were a lot of mistakes ! Maybe I left any... I hope I didn't.

Read more...Collapse )
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fluff? perhaps...the UnoIsa way... [Nov. 16th, 2006|04:52 pm]
Bleach Yurithon

[mood |anxiouseh?]
[music |my ruin - my beautiful flower]

Request Info:
What You Want (in bold)
Pairings: Isane/Unohana, Orihime/Rukia, Rangiku/Orihime
Up to three things you want: Fluff, something somewhat in-depth and some random cameos of other characters.
Up to three things you don't want: sexual toys, threesome and um... I dunno...
Preferred ratings: up to R
Title: Striking
Series: Bleach
Pairing: Isane/Unohana
Rating:NC-17 (bits of fornication)
Word count: 1 910
Disclaimer: I own nothing…except my socks…and stuff…
Summary: Unohana’s thoughts on her vice captain and getting a bit more than she bargained for.

My first attempt at a UnoIsa fic (although I seem to drabble about them quite a bit...?) hope you enjoy! NSFW (in latter half).

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1st post, Nanao/Nemu - "Look and See" [Nov. 15th, 2006|11:19 pm]
Bleach Yurithon

[Current Location |home]
[mood |nervousnervous]
[music |Friends Forever (Vitamin C)]

Pairings: Unohana/Isane, Matsumoto/Hinamori, Nanao/Nemu (OH YES)
Up to three things you want: Breasts, plot, and shiny thing(s)
Up to three things you don't want: Men, ESPECIALLY not Ichigo; angst; non-con
Preferred ratings: Anything!

Title: Look and See
Author: winterwing3000
Pairing: Nanao/Nemu
Rating: Worksafe (E-Everyone)
AN: My first try at writing NanaoNemu. I hope this is acceptable to the requester.

It gleamed in her hands.Collapse )
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Fic: Karin/Rukia - "Nothing Lasts Forever" [Nov. 14th, 2006|06:51 pm]
Bleach Yurithon

[music |Cat Power - "Metal Heart"]

Title: Nothing Lasts Forever
Fandom: Bleach
Rating: PG-13, if that
Pairing: Karin/Rukia
Warnings: Kindaangst. Character death (not Rukia or Karin, oh geez). Post series-fic. My writing style? :3
Extra Reading: Might want to check these two pages out before reading. Scan through the top. click here.
A/N: written for autophanous. KarinRukia has never been a pairing I've thought of (for long), but when I saw it I was immediately intrigued. I tried not to overdo the angst; tell me how I did with that. I don't see it quite as angst, as much as...I dunno. Reflection. XP That sounds nicer and less emo. I know I can't overdo fluff; in fact, I don't know if there's any fluff at all in this creature. You shouldn't have said post series. In my post series fics, there's always someone dead. =___= Well, I hope you enjoy this. ♥

Pairings: karin/rukia.
Up to three things you want: uh, post-series fic, especially the karin/rukia. character introspection.
Up to three things you don't want: overdone angst, overdone fluff
Preferred ratings: any

it's damned if you don't, it's damned if you doCollapse )
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Pic: The Last Snow and the Earliest Plum [Nov. 13th, 2006|12:17 am]
Bleach Yurithon

Request Information
Pairings: Yoruichi/Soi Fong, Rukia/Orihime, Rukia/Sode no Shirayuki. If it's a fic, I'd much prefer YoruSoi to at least be a part of the fic, even if you can't pull it off as the center focus.
Up to three things you want: Unresolved sexual tension, character studies, zanpakutou-soul interaction (preferably with Sode no Shirayuki being something other than a stereotypically beautiful woman in a white kimono).
Up to three things you don't want: Yoruichi and Soi Fong having sex prior to the events of the Soul Society arc; Orihime discarding her feelings for Ichigo; Rukia being excessively romantic about anyone, much less Ichigo
Preferred ratings: PG-13 and up.

Title: The Last Snow and the Earliest Plum
Pairing: Rukia/Sode no Shirayuki
Rating: R, for nudity. NOT worksafe, my friends.
A/N: This is my take on sode no shirayuki. Since many zanpakuto appear as animals, I decided on a particularly elegant one. For annwyd in bleach_yurithon

The Last Snow and the Earliest PlumCollapse )
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(no subject) [Nov. 10th, 2006|11:32 pm]
Bleach Yurithon

Title: Like a Dime Store Harleqiun
Fandom: Bleach
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Lisa/Chizuru
Warnings: Girl porn. Lisa's porn habit. Chizuru's dirty, dirty mind.
Word Count: 2580
A/N: Written for keikain for the bleach_yurithon. Since I've never seen Lisa/Chizuru before, and Lisa is made of awesome, I decided I'd write some of that. 'Sides, Chizuru is nothing if not fun to write. And they wanted smut and humor, which I'm pretty sure I supplied both of [as long as I'm actually funny], and I tried for fluff, but dunno if it's actually all that fluffy. Sorry if not D:

What You Want
Pairings: Lisa/Hiyori, Lisa/Chizuru, Nemu/Momo, Chizuru/Tatsuki
Up to three things you want: Smut, Humor, Fluff
Up to three things you don't want: Too much fluff, Angst to an uber-degree, significant Mayuri bashing
Preferred ratings: As high as you'll go! XD

Read more...Collapse )
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Fic: Hinamori/Tobiume, "Ice" [Nov. 1st, 2006|11:46 am]
Bleach Yurithon
Pairings: Tatsuki/Rukia, Kuukaku/Rukia, Hinamori/Tobiume.
Up to three things you want: fluff, in-depth character study, 1st/2nd person POV.
Up to three things you don't want: smut/sex related, humor, mystery
Preferred ratings: G-PG13

Title: Ice
Disclaimer: Not mine!
Rating: PG
Summary: She is a comforting voice in my ear, to quiet the voices of others.

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