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Filler ficlets - Bleach Yurithon [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Filler ficlets [Dec. 17th, 2006|03:04 pm]
Bleach Yurithon



So, technically, the submission phase for bleach_yurithon is over. However, there are still some people left who didn't have any fic written or art drawn for them. To deal with that, I'm going to post the remaining six requests here. In response, anyone who's interested can pick one they're inspired by and, in the comments of this entry, submit either a short ficlet (200-500 words) or a quick doodle.

Obviously it'd be best if you could do one that hasn't been done yet, but if you're inspired by one that already has a doodle or ficlet for it, go right ahead and do that one, too.

When you respond, make the number of the request (as listed below the cut in this post) you're doing the subject line of your comment. If you're writing or drawing anything rated higher than R, say so in the first line of your comment and then put several lines of white space before your ficlet or doodle.

And now to the remaining requests!

#1 a_white_rain
Pairings: YoruSoi, TatsuHime or RukiHime.
Up to three things you want: Angst, character study, or UST
Up to three things you don't want: smut, something too fluffy, ignoring canon feelings.
Preferred ratings: Up to R

#2 ____ero__sennin
Pairings: Rangiku/Nanao, Tatsuki/Orihime, Yoruichi/Orihime [yes, I do like me some off-the-wall pairings]
Up to three things you want: Smut, humor, fluff
Up to three things you don't want: OOC, uber-angst, PWP
Preferred ratings: PG-13+

#3 leavetheforces
Pairings: UnoIsa, YoruSoi
Up to three things you want: smut, character analysis/insight
Up to three things you don't want: too much fluff [makes my head hurt >_< ]
Preferred ratings: G to R

#4 mei_yanohi
Pairings: Rangiku/Nanao, Lisa/Hiyori, Unohana/Isane, Yoruichi/Kuukaku
Up to three things you want: porn, passion, hurt/comfort
Up to three things you don't want: Lesbianism so subtle you have to squint to see it. I want the yuri IN MY FACE. No borderline friendship pieces, not what I'm signing up for!
Preferred ratings: All! I like the higher ones though >_>

#5 luminamon
Pairings: Soi Fong/Hinamori Momo, Hinamori Momo/Kurotsuchi Nemu, Soi Fong/Kotetsu Isane, Unohana Retsu/Matsumoto Rangiku; preference on Momo pairings ♥
Up to three things you want: (Awkward) Relationship development, smut (only if it fits), romance without complete fluff; most of these are an "if fic" situation
Up to three things you don't want: Pre-established (off-scene developed) pairing (if fic)
Preferred ratings: No preference

#6 blackbird_7
Pairings: ANY female zanpakuto (such as Benihime, Fujikujaku, Senbonzakura--be creative) Yoru/Soi, Yoruichi/Kuukaku
Up to three things you want: Angst, sexual tension, drama
Up to three things you don't want: Fluff, basically.
Preferred ratings: PG-13 and up

[User Picture]From: pinkshiori
2006-12-17 10:21 pm (UTC)
For #2 ____ero__sennin and #4 mei_yanohi who requested a Rangiku/Nanao thingy : Here's a very very very [...] quick doodle.
I did no sign up for the contest because I knew I would not be able to finish any asignement on time. I know my drawing is very crappy : I did it quickly between two lines of homework :3
Hum.. basicaly it's Nanao holding Rangiku after she passed out from sake.

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[User Picture]From: ____ero__sennin
2006-12-18 06:19 am (UTC)
Aw, I don't care if it's a quick little doodle, it's still adorable~ <3

Thank you muchly!
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[User Picture]From: ____ero__sennin
2006-12-18 09:16 am (UTC)

For #6, blackbird_7; a bit steamy, but not outright porn

Companions in Solitude

Few Shinigami knew what their Zanpakutoh did in the quiet times. Quite a few would be quite grateful at that.

Hitsugaya Toushiro of the 10th Division, however, would not at all be surprised to learn that Hyorinmaru spent most of her time meditating in the quiet, snowy expanse of his soul. A statuesque, unforgivingly icy woman, she was often the matriarchal guiding voice in the back of his mind, filling in any holes in the parental cloth so torn by early death.

Nor, for that matter, would he be surprised that Haineko, Zanpakutoh of his own Vice Captain Matsumoto, far too often paid visits to that landscape, a feat accomplishable by their close and easy bond.

For Hyorinmaru, it was just another day in peaceful silence, wind ruffling the iron gray locks of her hair, when something started padding across the always-fresh snow.

It was there in a flash, a sleek and elegant lightning bolt across her home, and before she knew it [a colloquialism that gave the spirit far to little credit, really], there was a soft, low purr just next to her ear.

"Haineko," she muttered, voice crackling like frost under footstep.

"Hallo, Rin," Haineko replied, voice the rough, throaty whisper Hyorinmaru had come so grudgingly to know, and less willingly to desire more of.

"I've told you I loathe that diminutive," Hyorinmaru growled, and the dragon in her was clear now, in the steel of her voice and gold flash as she half-opened her eyes. She was a perfect human in looks, testament to her rank as spirit to the most powerful Ice-Zanpakutoh in existence, but to think her just human was to do her no justice.

Haineko's only reply was to rasp her tongue across Hyorinmaru's ear, rough and wet and damnably warm to the elder's constantly cool flesh. Hyorinmaru repressed a shudder, but barely.

"What do you want?" she demanded, unmindful of the soft, long-fingered hands squeezing her broad shoulders, the sleek tail winding its way around her waist.

She was only forced to notice when a thigh swung over her crossed legs, and suddenly her lap was full of sleek gray laziness, all purr and smirk and devilish eyes. A pointed nail ghosted under her chin, and plush lips met hers, vibrant red meeting empty white. Hyorinmaru relented to her sandpaper tongue, welcoming its heat even against the texture. Hands, smooth from peace but strong regardless, ran trails across ashen velvet, familiar tracks over more familiar curves.

Sitting in his office, face flushed for an entirely different reason as his Zanpakutoh's, Hitsugaya Toushiro tried again in vain to wish away the familiarity of bankai, and all that came with it.


And now I really want to write more Zanpakutoh-fic. Hmmm~

I hope you enjoyed what little I could offer, blackbird_7
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[User Picture]From: blackbird_7
2006-12-19 07:36 am (UTC)

Re: For #6, blackbird_7; a bit steamy, but not outright porn

Wow! What a wonderful job! Thank you so much for taking up the request--its a difficult one and takes alot of imagination, but you really pulled it off.

Hyourinmaru is such a perfect ice queen and Haineko might even beat Matsumoto for the sexy factor. Someone can take up argument with that if they dare.
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[User Picture]From: blackbird_7
2006-12-19 07:48 am (UTC)

For #5 Luminamon Soi Fong/Hinamori

Its finals time. I must secretly be at the end of my wits because this came out full of angst.

Sort of implied nudity. And it seems like Soi Fong is showing her soft side.

Sorry in advance for the pencil sketch--I'll clean it up in a few days and post it to my LJ if anyone is interested in the pen and ink or final versions.

"Dont worry, Hinamori. I'll kill him for you."


I think the background here is fairly clear, so I wont say anything.
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[User Picture]From: adverage
2006-12-25 01:31 pm (UTC)

#3, leavetheforces, UnoIsa fer ya

Wow Forces you must be pretty awesome to get me to write something that resembles smut-.-

Title: Antidote
Pairing: Unohana/Isane
Rating: PG-13 to R (the sex is a tad nebulous)

Part one

Isane could fix people. She could stitch up an epic warrior’s battle scars, or she could ease the pain of a small child who’d scraped his knee. All of the drugs, the poisons and antidotes, the remedies and maladies, the cures and illnesses and treatments. She’d spent most of her life learning them. The symptoms of a horrible disease, the critical state of a patient, when it came down to it she knew how to heal everything.
That is of course, besides the pain and self-hatred that writhed and burned in the pit of her stomach.
That feeling you get when even though you do everything right, you treat it as best you can, when the life leaves their bodies it hurts so bad. Wishing you could stop it.
Which is why every night it builds and she wakes and her feet carry her out to pace in the hallway, where she contemplates life and death and whether she could save them. But she is not a god.

Her guilty conscience leads her away from her little sister who looks up to her. How would Kiyone feel if she knew that her big sister couldn’t save them? Instead she is propelled to where her captain sits, watching the stars.
“C-Captain Unohana?”
Isane stutters and looks at the tea that’s there, still steaming, two cups as if her appearance was preordained. Perhaps by the stars that Unohana is peering at so intently.
“Good evening Isane, sit down, the tea will calm your nerves.”
No surprise, Unohana knows everything too, but her understanding of how to heal is deeper. How too heal a dying will, a heart that is slowly building up its walls against the death that surrounds it.
“Um, Captain Unohana, c-can I ask you something?”
She curses the stutter that accompanies her would-be boldness. Unohana looks at her, nearly concerned.
“Of course Isane.”

She musters up the courage that’s there, lets it simmer, tries to put to words what she wants to ask.
Her throat tightens as she thinks about the death they deal with, no tears.
“How do you deal with it?”
Her eyes are too focused on not looking at her captain’s reaction to her vagueness to see Unohana’s eyes widen then soften again. Understanding.
Isane clenches every bit of her body, waiting to have to elaborate on a subject she herself didn’t understand.
“ I don’t.”
Isane glanced up at her, obvious surprise, “You don’t captain?”
Unohana settles back into her tea, taking a long sip and sighing before continuing the conversation.
“ In order to do what we do you have to look at human life objectively, life may end but the soul never dies.” Isane was not satisfied by such a cryptic and philosophical answer, not that she was going to tell Unohana that.
“Then how do you know if your alive or dead?”
It was not the right thing to say, she should have just quieted herself into a shell of timidity and sat there, pretending she’d understood. She was tired of pretending.
“When you watch life be lost all the time how can you hold it precious? It’s worthless! You can lose it so easily and there’s no way to-”
She stopped, hands clutching the fabric of her pajama pants, waiting for something to happen.
Her teeth dug into her lip in a meaningless effort, she tasted copper in her mouth, real pain, pain that can be fixed. Someone’s arms wrapped around her shoulders, her eyes widened, “C-captain Unohana!”
She was hushed quickly and soon comfortably leaned back into motherly warmth, laying in her lap like a small child. There was a long bit of silence, nothing but stars. “Do you think you’re alive?”
Isane thought for a second, “I’m not sure.”
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[User Picture]From: adverage
2006-12-25 01:32 pm (UTC)

#3, part 2

part 2>

Hands on her shoulders, pushed her up to sit, she panicked. Had she said the wrong thing? Would her captain simply leave her there with the stars? She jumped when she felt lips on the back of her neck.
“U-Unohana?” The word captain was forgotten, overridden by the electric shock that ran through her body on contact. She twisted around, was met with a kiss, no surprise, this she understood, the fire she had in her stomach wasn’t one of self-hatred. No fight, no pretending she was a perfectly chaste little girl, no pretending she didn’t want it.
Despite it her captain was not submissive, her back hit the floor boards, she was careful, no teeth on her neck, just whispers of electricity. Cold air hit her chest, hands there made her make noises of wanting, she bit her finger to silence herself. Noises that the woman’s lips made her utter could not be contained by simply biting her fingers, instead she clenched her jaw tight on her pajama sleeve.
Lower still, across skin she knew was pale, any touch made her arch forward, it hurt to need so bad, like poison. She needed antidote.
It was found when her pants disappeared, so gentle it was odd. Hands between her legs, couldn’t take it, nothing left to bite. For some reason letting the witness stars hear her need, it felt wrong.
Her body reached a certain point where she couldn’t take it and collapsed, her need sated by the tremor that was pass through her body. Unohana laid next to her on the wood that didn’t seem very hard, at one point or another her long braid had been undone, and she held her close as if protecting a child.
“Never doubt your own living, existence is to precious to question.”
It was cryptic and philosophical and not the exact answer she had been looking for before, but now she couldn’t care less, the antidote for her poison was someone who was infected with the same illness.
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